Basic Zydeco Dance Video Clip:
Click on the following link. This video clip is a Very brief review of the Zydeco basic step along with a couple intermediate moves reviewed during a recent dance festival in San Diego.  Windows Media Player is needed to play the file: (10 Meg File)

Zydeco Online Steps Covered
The following video clips are taken from our Zydeco Dance Instruction DVD listed below..

Basic Zydeco Step Review

Alternating Opens

Windows media player or other software is needed that can play mpg files.

Zydeco Steps Covered on DVD:
Basic Review (example video clip)
Hand Toss
Floating Slide
Flip Out
Alternating Opens (example video clip)
Partner Toss
Side By Side
Twist and Tap
Zydeco Salsa
Follow Spin Bump
Tap Slide

Beginning Step
Inside Turn
Outside Turn
Ladies Wrap

Line Dance:

Zydeco Cha ChaMany of these moves were learned from watching and breaking down the moves we saw while attending festivals and workshops in Louisiana, Texas as well as other parts of the country.

There is a reference card that is also included in the DVD case that gives you the ability to go directly to a specific move

To Purchase Zydeco Dance Instruction DVD


Just request "Louisiana Dance Home School" DVD

a) Active Video's at
ph: 800-342-4320

b) Floyd's Records in Louisiana at
800-738-8668 for credit card orders.

c) Direct from Greg $24.95 + $5.05 Shipping Buy Now

Feedback from Customers (email):

"Excellent DVD, Even I can learn from this!"
Dan, Denver Colorado

"I've been studying you DVD and learning a lot."
Steve Thompson, Oakland, CA

"Very nice work on the DVD Greg.. it arrived yesterday.. best one I've seen yet.."
Glen, Parma, Italy

"This wonderful DVD you gave me last night at Tuesday's Dance at Tio Leo's is so awesome, Brad and I practiced last night and learned a lot.
Thank you so very much!"
Ramoa, San Diego, CA

"great dvd recommend A++++"
Ebay Customer, Steve (not sure where he was from)

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