Zydeco Dance Steps / Moves

Closed Position Moves

Basic Zydeco Step -Workshop#1 DVD

Arm to Arm - Workshop#2 DVD
Double Rock Steps - Workshop#2 DVD
Forward Rock Step
Zydeco Salsa - Workshop #2 DVD
Flip Out - Workshop#2 DVD
Hip to Hip
Partner Toss - Workshop #2 DVD
Rock Step - Workshop #1 or #2 DVD
Twist & Tap - Workshop#2 DVD
Inside Turn to Open Position ...
Zydeco Washing Machine ...
180 CCW...
360 - DVD Workshop #1
Open Position Moves
Back to Back
Hand Toss - Workshop#2 DVD
Cross Over
Cement Feet...
Lifts on 2 or 6
Lift Over R on 1, with Cross Behind on 5
Lift Over L on 1
Lift Over R on 1, with Cross In Front on 5
Lift and Slide
Lift and Lunge
Double Lift
Double Rock Back
Bump Left
Bump Right - Workshop#2 DVD
Bump 360
Shoulder Shake
Shoulder Shake w/360
Double Stomp - DVD Workshop #1
Shelton Broussard - DVD Workshop #1
Walk-Through w/slow turn CW on 5...
Walk-Through 360CCW at end...
Side by Side - Workshop#2 DVD


ButterFrog w/lunge
Follow Spin Bump - Workshop#2 DVD
Follow Spin Lead Change Footwork
Cross hand 1/2 turn
Hip Swivel
360 CCW Lead or CW Follow
360 CCW one foot spin
1/2 in 1/2 out
1/2 in 1/2 out w/hand
Upper body Zydeco
Foot Circle
Triple Tap
Rock n Bowl Tap Slide
Slide West on 8
Inside Turn - Workshop#2 DVD
Leads Wrap
Follows Wrap
Floating Slide
Floating Slide with Hand Toss
Floating Slide with 360 Pivot Turn
Floating Slide with Reverse 360 Pivot Turn
Rock-n-Bowl Tap Slide
The "V"
Lifts on 1 & 5...
Partner Toss - Workshop#2 DVD
Cross Hand 1/2 Turn (swing footwork)
Hot and Sleazy:
Buckle Rock Step
Head to Head
Hip Swing
Neck & Hip Hold
Hip Push, Shoulder Push
Top Body Motions
Drop Left Hand
Goal Post Style
Line Dance:
Zydeco Shuffle - DVD
Baisse Bas (alternative waltz style)
Zydeco Music

Very Slow Tempo


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